Adam Sanchez

Connections and Family Life Pastor

Pastors Adam and Karen Sanchez

Throughout Adam’s childhood, his father was always relocating the Sanchez family to plant churches and new ministries.  As a child he had to make new friends and assimilate to new places and this is why Adam is passionate about making new faces welcome and connecting people to North Central Church. Karen is a native Houstonian and sings on the Worship Team. Karen also assists Adam with the Prepare Enrich Marriage Mentorship Program for married, newlywed and dating couples. Also, with great compassion and wisdom Karen leads our Grief Share program. Together they have 4 adult children;  Garrett, Jonathon, Aubrey and Alyssa.

Fun Facts

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Dream Car?

I have wanted a Corvette since I was 2!

Football or Baseball?

Baseball... I am a die-hard Chicago Cubs Fan!

Favorite Scripture?

Mark 2:1-11 speaks of Christ's mighty power and compassion.