NC Kids Camp is for students that have completed K-5th grade by June 8th.

Registration: Camp registration needs to be completed by the legal parent or guardian of the Camper. Please be prepared with health history information, current medication list, insurance info, and payment.
Payment: Cost is $180. You may pay the full amount of $180, upon registration, or you can pay a deposit per camper and then set up your credit card to make monthly payments until May. Any remaining balance must be paid in full by May 15, 2020. Cost will go up after March 8th and No refunds on deposits after this date.



We know you have questions and we hope we can answer your concerns below...



Campers will participate in team activities from archery, canoes, swimming, zipline and so much more during the day! Then they will meet together for worship and an unforgettable message!! But their day is not done, after they receive a great word they have an evening activity of smore’s, open court or night hike.
First time campers…
If this is your child’s first time going to camp we recommend they stay with a friend or family member to get accustomed to staying the night away from mom and dad. Next, if they are not used to taking a shower, please have them practice showering. Last, campers of all ages are required to pick up after lunch and dispose of their plate and clean their area, so if they are not used to this habit, please practice.


-Bible, pen notepad
-Casual clothes (modest length shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes)
-Bathing Suit/Trunks (Girls we request a one-piece or if you own a two piece it needs to cover the mid-section)
-Evening clothes-We have theme nights and each camper will receive points for their team if they dress up. This is not required. Theme nights TBD.
-Sleeping bag or blanket & sheets for a twin bed
-Towels (2) and washcloth
-Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
-Hairbrush, comb
-Laundry or garbage bag for dirty clothes
-Sunscreen and bug spray