A Voice in the Darkness (09/09/18)

September 9, 2018

A Voice in the Darkness (09/09/18)

Jeanne Lakin shares her testimony of faith, hope, and forgiveness. Jeanne was orphaned in the genocide against the Tutsis, which claimed most of her family.

In 1994, Jeanne Celestine, a young Rwandan schoolgirl, was living a quiet life in the countryside when the death of Rwanda’s president provoked a one-hundred-day extermination of over one million ethnic Tutsis. She survived by hiding from violent militiamen all the while caring for her three-year-old twin sisters, Teddy and Teta. This heartbreaking narrative reveals the mind of an innocent child who, in the face of humanity’s most hideous act, not only managed to preserve her life and the lives of her sisters but also to restore her voice in the wake of its immense darkness.


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