Connections & Family Life Pastor


Adam and Karen Sanchez

Pastors Adam and Karen Sanchez

Throughout Adam’s childhood, his father was always relocating the Sanchez family to plant churches and new ministries.  As a child he had to make new friends and assimilate to new places and this is why Adam is passionate about making new faces welcome and connecting people to North Central Church. Karen is a native Houstonian and sings on the Worship Team.  Karen also assists Adam with the Prepare Enrich Marriage Mentorship Program for married, newlywed and dating couples. Together they have 4 children;  Garrett, Jonathon, Aubrey and Alyssa; and one grandchild; Elayna.

Fun Facts About Pastor Adam

Football or Baseball
Baseball... I am a die-hard Chicago Cubs Fan!
Dream Car
I have wanted a Corvette since I was 2!
Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry
Favorite Bible Story
It's found in Mark 2 where Jesus heals the paralyzed man. However, this story highlights two points of extreme value to me.

One - the paralyzed man's friends would not be stopped in their attempt to help him reach the presence of Jesus. There was no cost or sacrifice that they were not willing to endure for him.

Second - not only did Jesus heal the paralyzed man, but he also forgave his sins. It speaks to all of us that the goal of Jesus Christ, is to bring complete wholeness to all people.