Bible Classes

Class Descriptions

The Ambassadors
Leader: Rev. Steve Gatlin
Topic: “God’s Master Work”

Location: Room A1
Faith Builders
Leader: Pastor Paul Emerson
Topic: “Good Lessons From Bad Examples”

Location: Room A4/A6
Leaders: Rev. Joe Wilson and David Wrentz
Topic: “Major Events of the Bible”

Location: Room A3/A5
Leaders: Patricia Emerson
Topic: “Elijah: A Man of Heroism & Humility”

Location: Fellowship Hall
The Marriage Connection
Leaders: Steve and Debbie Lindberg and Dewayne and Deanna Pierce
Topic: “Prayer and Fasting”

Location: Portable Bldg. 2, Room B
Vencedores en Christo Spanish Bible Class
Leader: Saulo y Orelia Sepulveda
Topic: “La Ley y la Gracia”

Location: Portable Bldg. 2, Room A
JREAM Single Adults (25-45)
Leaders: Ernest and Liz Vaesa
Topic: “Horizontal Jesus”

Location: Room A7
P-12 Single Adults (46+)
Leaders: David Green and Yvette Vaughn
Topic: “The Sacred Search”

Location: Room A2
Kairos Young Adults (18-24)
Leaders: Jonny and Haley Sayers

Location: The Loft
Senior High Bible Class
Leaders: Ben and Adrianna Byrum

Location: Portable Bldg. 1, Room A
Junior High Bible Class
Leaders: Josh Torres and Stephanie Zreineh<strong

Location: Portable Bldg. 1, Room B